An engineer 'trusts but verifies' in reverse. First he verifies then he trusts.

Neil WexlerPresident and Chief Structural Engineer

Neil Wexler holds a bachelor degree from McGill University, a master degree from CCNY and a doctoral degree from NYU-Poly and is a licensed professional engineer in 15 states. He is known for his research publications on Staggered Trusses, Composite Semi-Rigid Connections, High Rise Concrete Shear Walls, and Base Building Isolation. As president of Wexler Associates, Neil oversees the design of building structures, preparation of steel shop drawings, owner representation, and forensic engineering. He has personally supervised thousands of new building projects and renovations, mainly in the NY metro area. His work includes concrete, steel, precast, plank, block, light gauge, wood, and glass. Additionally, Neil serves as board member and chairman of a New York City based realty company, and had served on the City of Rye Zoning Board. Out of office, Neil enjoys flying his plane and fine tuning his skills on his violin. Over the years I have been involved in the design and construction of high-rise buildings, large industrial buildings like the fish market in the Bronx and the largest facilities in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, challenging staggered truss systems and structures on top of subway tunnels, even the largest automated parking structure in the U.S. But the most satisfying was working on the forensics and restoration of houses and commercial properties damaged by hurricane Sandy along the NY shoreline.
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Ali MaherPrincipal

Ali Maher joined Wexler Associates in 2006. Mr. Maher holds a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering and a Master's in Structural Engineering from C.U.N.Y, New York. He is an expert in designing systems for renovations and new construction buildings but has a passion for historic restoration similar to the work he did for One Exchange in NJ. Mr. Maher is responsible for structural design, coordination, and the delivery of project materials as well as managing a team of engineers and drafters for quality control. When he is not holding a drafting pencil, he likes to pick up a fishing rod or a hiking stick. My favorite project thus far is One Exchange in Hoboken, NJ. The renovation of this project had such a variable of challenges because of its historic structure that it really forced me to bring the best out of me
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Will Durant

Kyle McCormackAssociate Engineer

Kyle specializes in existing structures, inves- tigative Structural Engineering, and special structure inspections. The turning point for him was performing cast-in-place concrete special inspections at the Aloft Hotel on 27-45 Jackson Ave, Long Island City. It was an unforgettable experience where he was able to supervise and help bring to life an entire concrete building. Ayal Horovits of 86 Delancey once said to me “Kyle and Mika, we appreciate all your help and all your quick attention to these issues. As you know things are moving fast on both Delancey and Cooper St. and we just wanted to thank you for your cooperation and hard work!
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci

Michal HalevyManaging Principal

Michal Halevy (Mika) is a champion of the common sense approach to structural engineering and a firm believer in helping developers and contracters make more informed decisions. As a Principal of Wexler Associates, she has over 15 years of experience in structural design, project peer reviewing, value engineering, coordination, construction monitoring, BIM, IPD and owner's assistance services. She is also the president of sister company WES Consultants, a construction phase services company that works with contractors and developers on the preparation of steel, concrete, and precast shop drawings. A tireless explorer of music, art, food, and travel, Mika brings an international flare and her bubbling personality to every Born in Israel. Mika holds a dual degree in business administration and economics from the Hebrew University and a second degree in computer science from the Tel Aviv Jaffa Academic College. She served in the Israeli army as a psycho-technic interviewer and was responsible for the Israeli Air Force Flying Academy tryouts. I have worked successfully on hundreds of projects in the NYC metro area, often surrounded by big challenges and even bigger egos, but I saw that simplicity, transparency and open dialog are the keys to success.
"In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd" - Miguel de Cervantes

Hoonhee JeoungProfessional Engineer, Principal

Hoonhee Jeoung has been working with Wexler Associates for over a decade, starting as a structural engineer specializing in wind and seismic design, renovation and retrofitting of existing structures, and steel connection design. In 2017 Mr. Jeoung became a principal in the company focusing on steel and concrete structures, support of excavation plans, and the design of staggered trusses. He received his Master of Civil Engineering and Structural Design in 2013 from New York University. Summer House in Stamford CT used a complex staggered truss system. The site presented a challenging geometry that required an innovative structural design approach. Construction budget and schedules were super tight, but we managed to complete everything as per client expectations.
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Nissim ElmannMiami Manager

Nissim joined Wexler Associates in 2015. After working for four and a half years in the New York office and gaining invaluable experience managing large scale projects, he moved to South Florida to open the new Wexler Associates Miami office. He holds a master degree from NYU Tandon School of Engineering and specializes in Structural Engineering and wrote a thesis on the performance of Staggered Trusses in high seismic zones. I love to work with great people and to connect with people beyond the project. 200 East 135th Street is one of my favorite projects, mainly because of the relationship that developed between the design team, contractor and owner and the problem-solving approach that sprung out of that relationship.
"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement!" Helen Keller

Snezhka ChaushevaAssociate

Snezhka Chausheva (Sisi) has been with Wexler Associates since 2013 and graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering in Geodesy, Bulgaria. She is leads the development and ongoing maintenance of the firm’s BIM standards and related documentation. She ensures that project models are set up and maintained according to company standards. Ms. Chausheva uses her experience and superb communication skills to resolve problems that arise during modeling, coordinate and drive workflow, and ensure deliverables meet client deadlines. Sisi is passionate about structural engineering and it's positive impact on architecture and she loves to get her boots on the ground while reviewing quality, progress, and compliance on construction sites. She does not shy from using technology to improve the process of how buildings are designed and how projects are delivered. 421 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, is easily one of my favorite projects. It was the one that challenged me the most with its combination of complex engineering design and beautiful architecture


Wexler Associates is a multidisciplinary soup-to-nuts engineering boutique specializing in the structural design of buildings. We are made up of proud New Yorkers that naturally act as hubs and educators, ready to share their unmatched knowledge of the Manhattan building environment.

What sets us apart is our Dynamic Evolution approach to any challenge—no matter the scale—and we apply a modern yet practical attitude to everything we do: structural engineering, modeling, shop drawing with a specialty in steel, NYTCA approvals, forensics and even owner assistance. Our passion and grit routinely give birth to meticulous, often ingenious, cost-reducing solutions.

At the intersection of skill and challenge, creativity, and productivity—WA clients find the kind of consulting firm that is ready to tough love everything about their project down to the last shear stud.


Relationships make the project

So although we can handle practically every type and any size job we realized after four decades of doing it that choosing the right client is more important than taking on the right project. But once we mate, it’s almost always for life.

The right human capital can make everything simpler

That’s why we hand-pick and grow diverse teams of renaissance people that are equally at home producing design, modeling, and shop drawing as they are performing analysis, investigation, and optimization. They are hardy enough to take your stress and pliable enough to meet your demands.

Collective intelligence is better than Individual genius

And constantly nurturing it allows us to anticipate challenges, plot the best route to a solution and solve problems of design as well as of budgeting— especially during the critical construction phase. We also keep a few geniuses on deck just in case.

Strong practical foundations allow for some unbelievable flexibility

Not only are we very good at embracing change and flowing with new developments, we possess an almost intuitive understanding of structural forces and human nature. And because our ft. are firmly planted in NY construction code we can allow our imagination to run wild.

Being hubs and connectors is the wave of the future

If we can bring someone to the table that could help solve a particular problem, we will. If we can teach someone how to avoid an engineering pitfall, we will. If we can make an introduction that benefits two of our partners, we will. It’s that simple.


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